Haus Fischbacher


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Lot's of animals at our farm:

Our animals

Discover the ants in the forest, the lizards on the roadside, the squirrels in the undergrowth! Did you see the deer with their young near the forest and the hare? Sharpened your ears and listen to the birds twittering!

You can fetch every day fresh eggs from the stable, feed the duck and, rabbits and pet the cats.
Babykalb Cindy am Biobauernhof Fischbacher
Babykalb Cindy
Babykatze am Biobauernhof Fischbacher Ebbs
Enten am Biobauernhof
Enten am Biobauernhof
Hasenfamilie Biobauernhof Ebbs
Hühne Haus Fischbacher
Unsere Hühner am Hof
Hühner Haus Fischbacher Ebbs
Kälbchen Biobauernhof Ebbs
Katzen am Bauernhof
Katzen am Bauernhof
Kälbchen im Stall
Kälbchen im Stall